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Spedizione gratuita in Italia per ordini superiori a 299€

Waldorf Largo 2

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LARGO 2 has been redesigned and now offers a scalable user interface for use on modern 5K or FHD laptop monitors and is also fully compatible with existing sound libraries and available sound sets

OSCILLATORS & WAVETABLES: 3 fat oscillators per voice (two of them with sub oscillators) with classic waveforms and 68 Wavetables taken from the legendary Microwave and Wave synthesizer as also Q and Blofeld. Up to 4 layers per sound and 4 stereo outputs

LFOs: 3 fast LFOs syncable to MIDI Clock and note retrigger with adjustable start phase, freely drawable LFO waveform with 16 steps (LFO3)

ENVELOPES: 4 ultrafast Envelopes with selectable types and different Loop Modes

HUGE MOD MATRIX: Extremely versatile modulation matrix with 16 Slots, freely programmable, speed far into audio range make for a sound designer’s dream.

POWERFUL ARPEGGIATOR: Largo’s arpeggiator is one of the most advanced of its kind. In addition to the standard functions, you can create your own patterns with up to 16 steps.

2 FX SLOTS PER LAYER: High quality Chorus with four and six stages to create lush pads and strings.

FILTER: Largo 2 offers 2 independent multimode filters and we have added a variety of 3 formant filter types which mimic the frequency response of the human vocal tract. By using the cutoff parameter you can morph between the vowels a-e-i-o-u for all your favorite choir and voice-like modulations.

POWERFUL SOUNDBROWSER: Drag and drop sounds between the File Browser and the Program Manager for loading and saving, rearrange sounds on disk or in the current bank, copy and paste, and much more.


  • 2 Wavetable Oscillators capable of Wavetable and Waveform (VA) Synthesis, 68 Waldorf Wavetables offering a selector of waves from the PPG and Waldorf Wave. With an included sub oscillator
  • 1 VA Waveform oscillator
  • Noise Generator
  • OSC FM
  • Hard Sync
  • Ring Modulation

Filters per Voice

2 digital filters with independent modes:

  • 12/24 dB LP/BP/HP/Notch
  • 2 Comb Filter
  • 3 Formant Filter
  • Filter FM
  • Serial or parallel filter routing
  • Modulatable panning and levels


  • 4 Envelopes. Single /multi trigger. 5 different modes
  • 3 LFO (on of them with a step editor)
  • 4 Complex Modifier
  • Mathematical operations (+ /- /* /OR /XOR /AND /Min /Max) to combine multiple sources for complex modulations

Mod Matrix

  • 16 slots
  • Large variety of modulation sources/destinations
  • Identical sources and destinations can be used multiple times


Per layer:

  • 2 effect slots. Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Drive
  • EQ
  • Bass Boost

Performance features

  • Flexible 16 step arpeggiator
  • 4 Stereo outputs (alternatively 1 stereo sum)
  • Host automation of almost all parameters
  • MIDI Controller automation of the most important parameters


  • Up to 256 voice polyphony
  • 4 individual parts
  • Mono, Legato and Unison Modes


  • Integrated File Browser
  • Program Manager for easy reorganization of bank content
  • 16 banks from various sound designers included
  • Category filter pro patch list
  • Compatible with Largo1 patches


  • mac
    • cpu:Inter or Apple Silicon-based Mac
    • ram:0
    • disk:0
    • version:10.14x or higher
    • additional_requirements:It supports Native Instruments NKS
    • support:
      • 64_bit
    • plugins:
      • VST-2
      • VST-3
      • AU
      • AAX
  • windows
    • cpu:Intel- or AMD-based PC
    • ram:0
    • disk:0
    • version:Windows - 7/10/11
    • additional_requirements:It supports Native Instruments NKS
    • support:
      • 64_bit
    • plugins:
      • VST-2
      • VST-3
      • AAX


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